Tuesday 17 July 2018 – The Old Whittlesford School

Tuesday 17 July 2018 – The Old Whittlesford School

NOSTALGIA TRIP (and more!) The Old Whittlesford School

Start 5.30pm Tuesday 17 July courtesy of Val & Dave Pettifer of The Old School Studio

Everyone Welcome!               

* Former pupils and staff & the both schools‘ generation . . .
                              a ’school reunion’ & childhood memories!

Those recalling Peppin Brown & other businesses there
or Darryl Nantais and the kids’ after-school Art Club!

*Anyone who attended a similar Victorian village school

*Those who’ve NEVER – or not in the past 5 years – been right inside

. . .discover its surprising features & attractions!

OR if you just fancy a sociable visit to an interesting village building; hear a fascinating introduction about how OSS came about, changes made & activities now with local appeal; a chance to tour & explore the old school + amazing gift shop, gallery & works of Essex Framing Services; to view ‘Cambridge Open Studios 2018’; + meet & mingle over a free glass of wine & nibbles in their delightful little garden. It helps us to know if you plan to come please + any special interest: 832453 infowhitsoc@gmail.com .